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Favourite child of Koko always remained '"a black dress", in which simplicity of a ideal proportions and refinement of fabric. This style strongly won Paris — it was accepted by bohemia, and after it and the aristocracy began to its sign of respectability.

She used methods of expensive technology, without stopping before expenses; it gave to a new life, having expanded the range of its application (before from jersey sewed only lower Bel; she was not afraid to use fabric which then the world — jersey.

Since then the given and one of brilliant of the world became true friends. Valentine speaks what exactly Jacqueline made him. But she insisted that it not so. "If you became known, only because your clothes very beautiful. And I here at anything" — she spoke.

In the dry, dressed in a woolen skirt and a black jacket woman, very modest, in something even, it was so difficult to recognize former now. Very few people believed that within his powers to make the.

Another time Jacqueline came on a visit to the designer, to his house to Capri, and they went on a. From the Christina yacht ready to an, the siren violently sounded. This is Onassis called the wife. But it necessary to give to the favourite fashion designer.

The fashion tends to fast change. Recently in the modern industry of fashion more and more actual is an ecology subject — it will be shown in use of natural flowers, raw materials, and also in development of new environmentally friendly synthetic materials.

As for Koko, she preferred to carry which styles borrowed men — blazers, long striped a jumper, free, men's shirts, "Happened and so — wrote a — that she created fashion from an antimode: to the dresses she put on a magnificent beads from pearls, heavy Byzantine jewelry, necklaces of non-ferrous metals. Shocking ­".

The sense of its work consisted in that with taste, to dress the woman. A sparkling of stones on a simple dress, the luxury and asceticism became feature of its style. It is style of faultless lines and ideal.

The actress Nichole Kidman, on Valentine's — a peculiar symbol of today's fashion. She puts on its things the most important actions, such as an awards ceremony of Academy Awards or a ceremony of visit of the queen.

Often derives inspiration of the couturier from the past. On its, even Klaudia Schiffer, he very much loves and respects, to a would feel in the XVIII century. And the person to whom the master truly would dream to communicate, say, behind a dining table — not who other as its Majesty Louis X

In what sense of its philosophy of fashion? "To women that they carry has to. I want that women felt like in my iaryada if not beauties, at least, and charming. I ­ to purity of lines that my clothes was easily and conveniently to ".

Ded Gabrielle called Henri-Adrian. He was the first who, having left native places, moved off in searches ­. Far it, however, did not leave. And the happiness that became the vagrant dealer in laces and hats at fairs.

Characterizing a present in the sphere of fashion, Seong Laurent likes to refer to Louis XV Iesli to that was to spit on destinies of descendants and he categorically declared that after it — though ­, Seong Laurent only a state of affairs: "After ­ and Coco Chanel — the real flood!"

In fashion graceful sundresses and ­ on breast-bands of any width at all without them. Models with deep round (or V-shaped) cut, and also with the smell edged by ruches are not less actual. Here already the second season in a row sundresses in style keep on a fashionable Olympus also.

Firm boutiques of Valentino are almost in all big cities of the world. Its style is focused on the most elite sectors of society. Its fashion is correct, simple also a. And if in its collections you see a naked body slightly more, than it is necessary, it will be only a craze. For it to balance between and chic, an elitism and an and love around the world.

The artist's soul even more often in pessimism. More and more seldom the py has a desire to be shown in light. Best of all feels in an environment of the closest people – mother and two sisters. And that the the favourite bulldog by nickname the Man span.