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Reflecting what to choose a profession in the future, each of us anyway collects information on the interested types of work. You analyze collected data. Critically estimate systematize, and on their basis there is an idea of a certain professional activity. Actually you at the elementary level are engaged in drawing up – characteristics of professions with requirements which they impose to the identity of the working.

Result, existence at school students of the created self-determination therefore control of career guidance can be exercised only through development professional self-determination of the personality is result of vocational guidance. All this process can be divided into some stages

At the advanced school age becomes the leading activity educational, gaining the getting character for the senior: it directs the efforts generally on those types of educational activity which will be connected further with its professional activity.

Economic function means improvement of qualitative structure of labor, increase of an of young men and girls by the content of work, increase of a professional and labor productivity, economy of working hours

There are no uninteresting or interesting affairs. It is interesting to one person to build, to another to drive the car, to teach the third children. That to the person is uninteresting today, can capture all his feelings and thoughts tomorrow.

Still considerable part of the young men and girls leaving secondary school choose a profession, not corresponding them ­ and to abilities, has no rather full about modern types of work. In particular, it belongs and to Dagestan. Very often young people go to the UNIVERSITIES on this or that faculty according to the decision of the parents.

Interests can turn into tendencies – aspiration to be engaged in a certain activity, I am eager for this activity. The true tendency usually combines steady interest in these or those phenomena of reality and steady aspiration most to work in this direction. Between interests and tendency much in common, but there is also a distinction.

The third stage of professional development of the individual is realization of vital values by it. We include in this concept both activity of society, and activity of the person. Formation of active living position of the person – here one of the main tasks as in general social, and vocational guidance.

Of course, it is better to choose a profession according to the steady interests and tendencies. And only in that case when vital professional plans are connected with interests, speak about professional interests.