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In "Venice" the ceiling too is stylized under the sky. On the channel arranged directly on a floor gondolas full-scale slide. On them the gondolier in hats with tapes, all as is necessary, sing barcaroles before happy tourists. Sing very much even qualitatively, continually award them an applause crowd ashore. The room, after all, closed therefore acoustics strengthens impression. An applause too sounds an ovation.

As I already told, the first of Europeans the conquistador Koronado, in the beginning the seventeenth century reached Grand. By the way, the can see everyone, flying "Delta" from the East on the West. In Salt Lake City at "Delta" base, there all do change. The comes into the view from a window. Impressively - the truth in the winter it not such red as on pictures, and it is rather - brown.

Las Vegas - one big museum, one continuous exhibition - can be told, Achievements of National Capitalist Economy. Here, for example, the biggest Coca-Cola bottle in the world - 100 foots, in Shoukeys-mall (here it where!). In some hotel (forgot - in what) the biggest gold ingot in the world is exposed. Here the biggest in the world the singing fountains - at "Belyadzhio" the biggest in the world the rendered habitable pyramid - the same "Luxor".

It is not necessary to think that Las Vegas only for the rich. Hotels and entertainments will be here for every taste and a purse. Moreover, if to exclude days off and days of holding large exhibitions, it will appear that local hotels not only are magnificent, but also are cheap.

At the restaurant of the Caesar's (Ceasar's Palace) Palace hotel issued in a magnificent Roman interior you will be served by the waitresses dressed in the streaming clothes. In the territory of this hotel raspolozheno18 restaurants.