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In a television camera tension dividers are widely applied. At calculation of dividers of tension we assume that all of them will be identical and calculated on the output tension of Uvykh = 3 V at entrance Uvkh = 5 Century.

In the description of a basic electric circuit only one video path as the second is completely identical will be considered. Also synchronization chains which are the general for both video paths, terminal amplifiers and the power unit of a television camera will be considered.

Various research institutes (RI), medical institutions and productions releasing various radio-electronic equipment (RE can act as the location of production.

The switch and light-emitting diode which lights up at food inclusion are provided in a design. The X1 output connector represents the standard socket for connection to the computer. If necessary the adapter can be delivered.

Each of chips consists of four dvukhvkhodovy selectors multiplexers with three states at the exit. Each of four multiplexers has on two entrances of data. For their choice the entrance of a choice of data of SED serves. On this entrance we give impulses with a frequency of 50 Hz from the synchro-generator. At the moment: when on an entrance of SED tension of low level is given, DN.0 entrances at the same time of all four multiplexers and when on an entrance of SED there is tension of high level get out, then entrances of DN.1 of all four multiplexers at the same time get out. Information is transferred to an exit of a chip without inversion.

Horizontal drivers of both CCDs of matrixes work continuously, being thus loading for one timming-generator which develops reading impulses for matrixes. Therefore, at such scheme of inclusion, additional strengthening of the impulses of reading given via horizontal drivers is necessary.

Calculation of the power unit is made proceeding from the power consumed by the scheme. On a power unit entrance the supply voltage of +12 V via the socket X In the scheme of the developed television camera from the outside moves three different tension is used: +5 V, +15 V and –9 Century. This tension is developed by the power unit. Respectively, calculation of power consumption is made on three power-supply circuits.

The synchro-generator is assembled on CXD1159Q chip. On its entrances (legs 22 and 2 the frequency of the setting generator arrives (from a leg of 63 chips of D1 of which clock pulses with a frequency of 50 Hz (SYNC) which are removed from a leg 1 On CLK1 entrance are formed (the leg arrives the frequency of 28,375 MHz from the timming-generator (a leg 5 of which the setting impulses of HD and VD, as well as some impulses for schemes of formation of a window and the PAL coder are formed.

Originally for calculation of reliability it is necessary to accept model of refusals of electroradioelements. In the radio-electronic equipment the moments of refusals form a stream sl3cha6ykh events (a refusal stream. The refusals arising n6a a stage of normal operation of the device are sudden, not connected with aging and wear. The stream of sudden refusals is well described by model of the elementary refusals for which properties of ordinariness, stationarities and lack of an after-effect are characteristic.

where P (t) – probability of no-failure operation of i-go of an element; i – intensity of refusal of i-go of an element; N – quantity of elements of this type. Thus, calculation of reliability of the device is reduced to calculation of total average failure rate. For the system having To types of elements, we will receive:

Rooms in which the created enterprise will settle down, are leased together with necessary processing equipment, therefore, it is possible to bring costs of a rent for the provided production rooms, and also the equipment in accounting of overhead costs.

To receive resistance of loading of equal 1000 Ohms, it is necessary to increase all sizes l, and all sizes with to divide on 100 That to result boundary frequency in value 81,64  106 it is glad / with, all sizes l and c should be divided into this number.